Commercial Financing

Pacific West Finance and Development Company, Inc. areas of focus are in Commercial, Construction, and private money financing. Our firm has lifelong relationships with Depository Institutions, Insurance Companies, Private Money (Non-Consumer) lenders, debt/equity partners, specialty lenders, equipment leasing partners, and many more resources to assist with most any Commercial financial requests. Our lending sources specialize in recourse and non-recourse loans.  By thoroughly analyzing our client’s businesses and discovering their specific needs we assist in providing the best financial options for each client.

Commercial Real Estate acquisition and refinance loans

Commercial Private Money loans and lines of credit

Private money lending has become very popular in recent years. California has been revitalizing its cities. Many developers have found private money financing is the most expeditious financing option to acquire, improve, then re-sell real estate properties for profit.  Pacific West Finance has an immense database of private money beneficiaries and family offices lending primarily on the asset and track record of successful projects.  Underwriting turn times with final loan approvals can be secured within two days and many times closed within 5-7 days.

Commercial Construction Programs

  • Ground up construction
  • Improvements to existing property
  • improved land
  • unimproved land

Non-Profit Commercial Financing

  • Business Operating Capital loans and lines of credit
  • Our lending partners facilitate secured and unsecured business lines of credit.
  • Mergers and Acquisition financing
  • Residential Mortgage Experts

Pacific West Finance is a Licensed NMLS and California Bureau of Real Estate residential Brokerage. Our firm partners with dozens of lenders with specific appetites for an array of residential mortgage programs.

Full Balance Sheet Financial Consulting

Pacific West Holdings, Inc, provides High Net Worth Clients and their small to middle market business with full balance sheet consulting services. Pacific West Holdings, Inc. provides consulting in terms of analyzing client’s balance sheet, discovering client’s needs, then making suggestions as to diversification using financial instruments to maximize net worth, operating growth and vertical integration strategies.

Residential Real Estate Client Representation

Pacific West Finance also provides representation services to sellers and buyers of residences in California.